Why Save Water: How Much Water Are We Really Using to Keep Our Lawn Green?

The EPA statistics show that the average household in the United States uses over 400 gallons of water per day. Sometimes as much as 50% of that was is used for outdoor needs such as gardens and natural grass yards. So, what does the math look like here in the drought stricken Fresno – Clovis area of Central California.

Four hundred gallons a day on average, so lets be conservative and presume that on average 120 gallons per day goes toward natural green grass. That is nearly 44,000 gallons of water annually for one average household. With well over 290,000 households in Fresno County we are talking about nearly 14 billion gallons of water essentially wasted on natural grass. It seems kind of crazy when you consider those numbers and is why other parts of the country that are in similar dry climates don’t permit natural grass and enforce the use of dryscape, drought tolerant plants, and artificial turf.

There is no doubt that quality synthetic grass that is professionally installed is not inexpensive. But what is the 14 billion gallons of water worth to individuals and to the region as a whole? I know that I personally look forward to the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables this area has to offer. This is especially true having recently visited a few places who do not offer such items. I also know that I enjoy showering, clean clothes and dishes not to mention indoor and plumbed restrooms.

Sometimes in life we must consider the give and takes – the trade-offs in the bigger picture. I know that for me, personally, I don’t want to trade a natural green lawn for these other benefits and amenities. I agree that artificial grass is not for everyone but feel more and more each day that natural grass should not be for anyone.

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