Will artificial turf make my kids, pets, or me sick?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear the question, whether at a Home Show, a Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer, attending one of my kids sporting events, or just out to dinner with my family. Does your synthetic grass cause cancer? Will the turf make my kids, grandkids, or pets sick? It’s a valid question and one that I would certainly ask myself in their shoes. So, where does this question come from? It all stems from reports that some of our youth athletes who have been exposed to the infill in field or athletic turf have elevated diagnosis rates of leukemia and other cancers.

It is easy for me to answer their question regarding the grass products we install, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! As of today, we have never completed a project that used even an ounce of crumb rubber – the infill in question. All of our installs include infill of sand, Durafill or ZeoFill all functional, but non-toxic materials. I am very comfortable installing these products as they are not only in my yard, but used daily by my friends, children, and pets. Something else I am proud of is that the products we install are unlike most artificial grass in that it is 100% recyclable, however, that is a blog topic for another day.

Regarding the contentious debate regarding the crushed rubber. I don’t know what the answer is. I know that ABC NEWS and ESPN have both done extensive reporting on the potential health risks. At the same time, a voice for my industry, the Synthetic Turf Council, has noted over 70 empirical studies that show there is little to no risk associated with the use of crumb rubber in athletic fields. With over 11,000 sports fields with these products currently in use being used by our youth and adults, alike, including my own, I know that it warrants a continuous critical eye. But once again, we do not use this infill under any circumstances.

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