How to Beautify Your Landscaping with Waterless Grass and Greens

Fresno homeowners know the benefits of artificial grass

During our recent California drought, gorgeous green turf prevents properties from looking like something out of the 1930s Dust Bowl. The practicality and money saving features of boasting a green lawn year round are obvious. Homeowners discovered that without the need to water, fertilize, weed, and mow, substantial dollars are saved in labor and materials for upkeep.

You’ll see your property value go up, too, but only when the design is aesthetically pleasing. Here at Waterless Grass and Greens, our lawn design experts work to enhance the curb appeal of your home. These are just a few of our secrets for enhancing residential properties:

  • Frame areas of interest
    Our artificial grass lawns offer a focus to your home’s outdoor activity centers. Instead of using concrete, wood chips, or gravel, you and your guests can walk barefoot and in comfort on artificial turf. Our artificial lawns are the clean and easy way to frame swimming pools and hot tubs, stepping stones and walkways, wooden decks and gazebos, dining spaces and fire pits, and water-saving plants. You’ll be proud to host your next party with the help of our lawn design team.DSC01117
  • Carpet your property for playgrounds, pets, and sports
    A comfortable, safe surface prevents injuries. With our artificial grass, your family and kids can play without concern of tripping over uneven surfaces (gopher holes, for instance). Pets and kids will no track dirt into your home with their muddy paws and shoes. And our evergreen lawn is a safe haven for kids that are allergic to grass clippings.Winchester Play Yard by ProLawn
  • Make an artistic statement
    Think outside of the box! Transform your backyard an oasis. Create a Japanese garden, and surround your plants and pond with no maintenance greenery. Or go Hawaiian and cover your barstools with comfortable artificial grass. Tell us your vision, and we’ll make it a reality.IMG_7775-1

Fire your gardener, save water, and experience stunning landscaping with environmentally friendly and long-lasting artificial grass. Fresno homeowners: avoid maintenance headaches while improving property values. Contact us today at 559-540-7000 to get started.

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