How Backyard Golf Greens May Empower Professionals in The Masters to Gain An Edge

While enjoying Sunday afternoon watching The Masters a few days ago, the Professional Golf Association’s, crown jewel, I got to thinking about the dedication that is exemplified by these fine athletes. Anyone who has spent any time with a bag of clubs chasing around that little ball knows how amazing these guys are. Sure, they are all naturally gifted and talented to compete at such a high level but they have to grind. You see repetition and consistency is key; these athletes must be able to duplicate their swing and putting strokes. They have to be machines.

While the majority of us will never get to walk the 18th at Augusta or perform at such a high level, most of us want to improve our game. One way to do that is with a backyard golf green. Imagine how much different your game would look if you were consistently stroking 12 foot putts and bump & run chip shots in your own backyard twelve months a year. Life is busy, it is tough to find 2 hours each week to go to the driving range and work on your game, let alone getting 18 in on Saturday morning. With your own green you can find that time, even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

We are proud to be the authorized dealer for Celebrity Greens here in Central California, offering the finest, highest tech and most realistic synthetic greens available today. Celebrity Greens have been chosen by many players who competed at The Masters this weekend including Paul Casey, who finished fifth and whose backyard green and training complex was completed by the CG team in the fall of 2015. Please know, not all synthetic greens are the same.  There are putting greens that anyone can install – and then there are Celebrity Greens. One of my favorite things to do is meet with golf enthusiasts to tell them the CG story and what makes our greens stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you want to consider a green that was chosen by the likes of Paul Casey, Peter Kostis, Hank Haney and many more, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Golf is an amazing game and one that you can share in your backyard with friends and family alike. All the while improving your game for your next loop.

photo shows example backyard golf greens

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