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Artificial grass products for drought-friendly landscaping

Waterless Grass and Greens is a top artificial grass installer in Clovis, CA. We help local homeowners and commercial property managers transition to drought-friendly landscaping. The advancements of the past couple of decades allow Clovis residents to enjoy artificial grass in all types of landscaping applications.

Artificial turf has come a long way since its first introduction to the home and garden industry in the 1980s. Today, it is soft to the touch, made with environmentally-friendly manufacturing and recycling processes, and is available in a variety of natural sod-like blends. The benefits don’t stop there. Over the past two to three decades, there have been many improvements to the turf fibers and backings to make them more functional. One major selling point for the backing improvements is faster drainage during heavy seasons of moisture. As the backing has become more refined, this new technology also helps reduce the amount of displacement caused by heavy traffic friction.

The most common artificial grass installations we provide throughout the metro Clovis and Fresno areas include lawns, pet areas, and playground surfaces. Our experts can help you choose the turf blend that is best for your needs based on the estimated amount of foot traffic, your aesthetic needs, and the level of shock absorbency necessary.

Lawns– Showcase your home with a beautiful, green lawn without the high watering bill. Choose from several imitation grass options that best fit your existing or new landscape plans. The turf fibers are soft and cool to the touch, so you can walk on it barefoot any time of the year. Our experts can help you tailor your new landscaping feature for low-maintenance curb appeal.

Pet Turf– Pet owners throughout Southern California are changing up their pet areas with artificial grass because today’s technology of pet-friendly infill keeps pet odors to a minimum compared to traditional sod. The backing and fibers of artificial turf are also tougher against dog nails for the diggers and will help prevent unsightly brown spots

Playground Surfaces– Kids all across Southern California love to play outdoors, and our artificial turf products allow them to do just that. They no longer have to worry about weeds, stickers, and a rough, hard ground surface when artificial grass is in place. The experts at Waterless Grass and Greens recommend and can install an extra layer of padding under areas of high traffic or where other traditional playground surface options usually displace. This is an added safety feature to help pad your kids’ landings for safer play under swings, monkey bars, and slides.

Artificial grass is becoming a household product throughout Clovis, CA, and we are available to help you explore the conveniences of a low-maintenance lawn. If you’re ready to learn more, contact the experts at Waterless Grass and Greens for a free design consultation today.

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