Waterless Grass & Greens Is Excited To Be A Vendor At BIG Hat Days 2016 in Clovis!

One of the things that Doug and I considered most when creating Waterless Grass & Greens was who and what we wanted to be. How we would be viewed in the community. What we knew for sure is that we didn’t want to be a franchise or a big business; we didn’t just want to be another synthetic grass company or landscaper. We wanted to be, “Locally Owned and Operated.” That slogan is one you’ll see on our trucks, trailers, business cards, website and marketing materials. We wanted to be different. You see this community is important to us, it’s one that we want to support and serve.

With that in mind, we are excited about this coming weekend and the exciting annual event that is taking place in Clovis. The Table Mountain Casino BIG Hat Days, a Clovis Chamber Event, is the biggest 2-day festival in all of Central California. Growing up here, in the Central Valley, I look fondly on this event that to me just exemplifies community. As the largest outdoor festival in Central California it is all things local with hundreds of craft, food, and business vendors spread out all over Old Town Clovis. From what I can tell the weather is going to be perfect in the low 80’s for this outstanding event so, as always its should be a great time for all.

Not only do we look forward to enjoying this event with our families, we are excited to be one of the many vendors who will be in Clovis for the entire weekend. So come out and support Clovis and this community. Even if you are not interested in an artificial lawn, come by and see us if nothing else, just to say hi. I heard a rumor that we may be raffling off a pretty cool prize each day so come by and ask about it! Our booth will be right in front of the Rodeo Café on 5th Street from 9-6 on Saturday April 2nd and 9-5 on Sunday April 3rd. This is such a wonderful community event and we hope to see you there.

Photo shows turf in background with message, Visitthi Us At BIG Hat Days

We’ll be located right in front of the Rodeo Cafe. Come & visit with us!!


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