Considering Artificial Turf? You Need to Know This!

When considering artificial turf – it’s all about the what and the who?

There are two items we know are very critical when considering any important home improvement project. And don’t mistake such endeavors as anything less. Installing artificial grass is not the same as buying a few potted plants that will likely die in a few months. Nor is it the same as purchasing some cheap solar garden lights that your neighborhood kids will trample while throwing a baseball around this summer. These home improvement projects are relatively expensive and when done right, should become a part of your outdoor living space for well over a decade. So, what are the most important factors? Continue reading for our buyer-beware explanation.

First and foremost, the quality of the product should be carefully evaluated. There is a lot of turf going in the ground these days. What’s scary is that most of it looks pretty good when it’s first installed. We have seen this play out a thousand times. A happy customer hands over a big chunk of their hard-earned money and then within a year or two, or sometimes as soon as 6 months down the road, the project deteriorates into something horrible. It makes our team sick to go out and re-do these types of projects for honest, hard working people. Unfortunately, this  happens all the time. A big part of this problem is the huge influx of artificial grass product coming in from overseas. All turf manufacturers are not equal and if you don’t carefully investigate what you are buying you’ll never really know exactly what you’re getting. Artificial grass must withstand continuous periods in the hot sun all day everyday – especially here in the Clovis and Fresno regions. Inferior turf products are simply not up to this task.

The second most important factor is who is going to install it. Have you selected an experienced, professional turf installer who has seen hundreds, if not thousands of these projects? Or, are you considering an install from a pool builder who installs a bit of turf on the side? Perhaps you’re looking into a local solar company, a realtor, or even the guy who mows your lawn?  When we were exhibiting at the Fresno Home Show, earlier this month, it seemed as though half of the contractors there displayed turf samples in their booths – from solar to window to roofing businesses. Truthfully, there is a wrong way, a right way, and a COMPLETE right way to install these products. If you’re not getting the complete right way with your install, you will not likely be satisfied with the final end result.

We take great pride in being one of just a handful of companies, here in the Central Valley, who can honestly prove we install a quality, 100% made in the USA product. We can also claim some of the most highly trained installers in the region due to our partnership with Celebrity Greens, true pioneers in the artificial grass and golf green industry. So, don’t let someone take green from your pockets for green in your yard unless they offer the best what and who! Take the time to carefully research before you make a decision. You’ll be grateful you did.

Infographic shows what to investigate before purchasing artificial turf.

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